ReWalk-I Becomes Available to Rehabs

ReWalk-I Now Available

ReWalk is changing the lives of many individuals with lower limb paralysis who may have given up hope of ever being able to walk again by helping them regain mobility. This technology may seem like something out of the latest science fiction movie, but ReWalk is very real, and it is here to help those who qualify for its use.

ReWalkThe human body was not designed to be immobilized – lack of motion can actually be detrimental when it occurs over extended periods of time as in the case of paralysis patients. Our ReWalk device restores vertical mobility by allowing upright walking, sitting, standing, and ascending/descending stairs. Because of this, it can potentially reduce many health-related problems within the patient population which directly impact healthcare costs for both providers and individuals.

In addition, institutions can now serve ReWalk-I as a physical training device used for intense functional locomotion while reducing budgets for expensive mechanized gait trainers.

We recently received FDA approval for rehabilitation giving us the ability to distribute the ReWalk-I to hospitals and rehabilitation centers across the U.S. Having received the CE mark and ISO certification in Europe, caregivers can now feel confident with the help of the ReWalk-I in getting their patients out of their wheelchairs and walking on their own two feet.

Rewalk SuitThe human body is meant to move, and ReWalk can bring mobility back into the lives of those have lost the use of their legs through paralysis. Walking again doesn’t have to be a forgotten dream as it often is for paralysis patients – ReWalk can help.

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23 Responses to “ReWalk-I Becomes Available to Rehabs”

  1. chuks ewoh says:

    what is the cost and how long will it take to be delivered. i am on rehab at kennedy krieger baltimore and will leave for nigeria later in november 2011
    thank you

  2. Tom Seche says:

    Please send us some information, if rewalk 1 is now ready to sell in europe.
    We are a modern rehabilitation praxis and we are interested in your system to use it with our clients.
    Pleas send us detailed information, maybe with prices and further informations.

    Thank you


    I would like to know of updated status of availabilty to individuals and cost. Or even any info for rehab facilities using the rewalk somewhere here in the south.

  4. Vicki Moore says:

    When will this be available in Nashville, TN? Is it available for spina bifida patients?

    Thank you,

  5. Hagen D Brown says:

    Hagen suffered from Mal hyperthermeia. He had a temperature of over 105 for 4 hours and maxed out at 109

    I believe your rewalk could definately help him. Please let me know how to have Hagen tested.

  6. Jarrod says:

    I want to try this, I am in a wheelchair and paralyzed from the waist down from a car accident.

  7. bryan says:

    please send me information on purchasing a rewalk device. if possible.

  8. Sonja cardoso says:

    I live in SOuth FLorida and would like to know if there is facilty in this area where ReWalk is available. Appreciate your prompt response.

  9. craig brenton says:

    My son is paralyzed from a car accident w/ a t-2 injury. he is 20 years old.
    Can you tell me when the rewalk will be available for purchase and what the px will be?

    Craig B.

  10. Peter Lindstedt says:

    var kan man prova/köpa den?

  11. I am interested in information on gait training and on purchasing a ReWalk.

    Thank you,

  12. fernando cortes says:

    please send me information on purchasing a rewalk device and distribuitors, thanks.

  13. Corie Simmons says:

    Hi will rewalk work for Cerebral Palsy wheelchair bound indivduals?

  14. vahideh gholami says:

    please send me information how and where I can purchase this device. thanks

  15. araxi says:

    Hello my name is Araxi I’m so very much interasting of your new device please send me more information how,and where can I start toget some training and if I qualify,perchuase this amazing device,looking forward to hear from you, thanks. sincerely yours

  16. araxi says:

    Hello when I heard about you I was so exited like I resieved new wings and I want to fly,God bless you.

    even the though of it
    make me walk.

  17. Please send information to a medical doctor who has cidp and would like to help others and himself to walk again. Thank you

  18. marlene danel says:

    i would like to buy this can i have info

  19. Ilan Goldstein says:

    I am seeking more imformation for my father who had a stroke

  20. mauricio says:

    por favor mi hijo tiene espina bifida y seria una sueño hecho realidad, me puede indicar cuanto vale y donde lo puedo obtener, gracias

  21. Bob says:

    This would change my life completely. Please send me information. I am a paraplegic in a power chair now. This device is just amazing.

  22. Ray says:

    I have a son that has CP and can not stand or walk on his own PLEASE SEND ME INFO ON THE SUIT PLEASE

  23. […] though a spasticity, discomfort, and other stipulations of normal alternatives.   The FDA had already approved a somewhat opposite chronicle of a device — a ReWalk-I — for use in clinics behind in […]

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